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Current and Past Projects


Over the last several years I have been involved, either in the development and start up stages of various companies or I have come in at a latter date bringing a unique set of skills and experience to work on development of these projects.

I have gathered here a few examples of Projects I have enjoyed being part of and some that I believe will come to success once the UK and global economies have stabilized.


(additional Projects will be added in the forthcoming weeks. once NDA’s have been checked)


Photo luminescent Additive

Photoluminescent pigment is characterized as being photoluminescent due to the excitation it undergoes when exposed to a light source and its ability to store light photons, consequently becoming luminescent. In black out situations resulting from power failures or fires, photoluminescent safety markings can aid evacuation by guiding and directing people to a safe location.

Post 9/11, New York passed some of the strictest Building Code and Fire Prevention Codes in the world, one was to do with the requirements of Photoluminescent Markings on Exits and Stairway markings. In response a company has developed an additive which when added to any paint meets these requirements and More.

While undergoing testing, it was noted that the Additive became photoluminescent when exposed to any Energy Source (light, heat, electric, sunlight, X-rays, microwaves etc) and when incorporated into plastics, resins and material.

Now looking to set up distribution channels in North America.


Financial Services (legal services) venture to turnkey status

Development of processors and workflow for a new ‘one stop’ brokerage firm dealing with Personal Injuries Claims, bundling Financial Funding, Insurance, and Personal Injuries claims to a to preapproved panel of law firms. Developed reporting and finance processes, preparing for the implementation of a new ecommerce and back office systems. Estimated Revenue Year 1 £3 Million.

World Master of Culinary Arts

world_master_of_culinary_artsThe Wedgwood’s World Master of Culinary Arts is an event which happens every five years which covers Australia, Asia, the Americas and Europe with 12 countries in all.

The contest, organised by Peter Williams & Associates and sponsored by Waterford Wedgwood, brings together seven finalists from a nominated 70 chefs, to battle it out for the title of No. 1 Chef/Master of Culinary Arts of the World.

The World Master initiative aims to recognise and honour leading chefs of outstanding ability around the world and this new award is set to become the most sought after prize in the hospitality industry.